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may allah let us in eu

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Are most balkans supports russia?

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U gonna get the thread babooned for advertising

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Hope you do, so your nation can collapse in degeneracy

Greeks with blue eyes are not Greeks.

Why are you all geographically retarded? You guys aren’t European and aren’t Balkan. Stop larping jfc



ciюз нipiшiмьiй
picпiблiк cвiбiдньiх
cплiтiлi вiвiкi
вiлiкiя picь

stop it hernandez
turkey is white balkan and evropean

Is this the return of Vermontbey?

Admit that you genocided Balkans and americans, and we can consider you white. But you'll never be European or Balkan, you fuck

Geographically speaking, there are tens of millions of Turks in the Balkans.

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Armenians, not the fat fucking americans

Real thread instead of the politics mumbo-jumbo bullshit here

Fuck off, Schizo

Fuck off to pol incel virgin shit who never leaves his house

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He, Шизo, тoвa e тpeдъд

No shithead this thread belongs to pol

We have nothing to do with the war in ukraine you Incel virgin shit

what went so wrong?

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Yes, Bulgaria needs to help Ukraine in their war against NATO/EU

Mijalkov money dried up.

That's a Any Forums subject

How do you pol idiots found about balk and about int

This subboard is about cultures not about political bullshit

how exactly is semata related to that, THOUGH?

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Political obsessed freaks go to pol

He literally wears the second-hand clothes of the Mijalkov family.