Be American archeologist

>be American archeologist
>vehicle got stuck while doing a u-turn
>call 911 requesting help
>for some reason 911 asks if you have weapons
>tell them you have knives and a hammer (for work)
>911 sends the cops
>cops arrive
>they break in your vehicle and kill you

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I saw the clip all they had to do was back off and let him calm down instead he went on top of the car like fucking Rambo and shot is wrong with Americans?

>import millions of germans
>suddenly your country is full of murderous authoritarian maniacs

why didn't he call fire department?

>let a finn sign the declaration of independence and write the articles of confederation
>end up with a dysfunctional schizophrenic mess of a country

why? how?
why would you say you have weapons when its your working tools

link or didn't happen

he was a schizo

post the video link dumb fuk
True he talks about "skinwalkers" or some shit
Still he literally wants to throw the knives out of the window and the officer tell them NO

911 dispatcher is the one that calls either cops or fire department. You don't pick

wow these seem like upstanding servicemen, give them more funding and power

You shit on american cops but you have to understand that they are pushed to this extremes because americans are insane as a whole plus it's a country where people, the average civilian, are armed to the teeth.

>they break in your vehicle and kill you
holy based. OP is a dumb americophile nigger who feels bad for an amerishits death (meanwhile americans dying is a thing to celebrate)

>guy in clear psychosis or something is just sitting in his car, windows up
>call even more people with guns to corner the guy who has committed literally 0 crimes
>shoot and kill him when he predictably freaks out
did the black tar heroin fry your brain, juan?

No way

Our country is retarted. We know this.

>be American archeologist
He wasn't an archaeologist you idiot

How come everytime some American gets shot tons of e-americans start defending the cops passionately? I thought victim blaming only happened in Asia

>a schizo archaeologist

Was it Robert Sepehr?

>Shoot him something like 5 times
>OH NO he's slitting his own throat! Get my medical bag! What do we do!
Did they think they were helping by tasing and shooting him or something?
Feels like they got lazy when they smashed open the window and tased him, could they not think of anything else other than violence?

he called 911 for help but then wouldn't get out of the car he admitted was full of knives

they determined he was on drugs which probably explains most of it but come on

what were they supposed to do, go-go-gadget wench his car out of the ditch and let the drugged out paranoid knifeman go on his way into the night?

the question here is why even try to get it.
>help I'm stuck
>okay let us help you
>dude goes away in his car safely

American boomers all grew up on Law and Order and shows like that, and worship the police. It's a very strange dynamic.



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Whomst've be the Finn?

You're right. He deserved to die and the officer did a great job and a great service to community.
Fucking retard bootlicker

>full of knives

1. He had one knife.

dude wtf