What is your opinion on BRICS?

What is your opinion on BRICS?

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losers club


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China should leave and start seating at the adult's table

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>#1 shithole
>#2 shithole with no future
>#3 shithole, hates #4
>#4 the only relevant one, hates #3
>#5 LMAO
What a meme group.

BRIS doesn't sound good.

>le hurr India hates China and vice versa

Westfucks are extremely embroiled in their own propaganda.
India and China hate the West MUCH more than they do to each other (which is limited to border disputes).

You literally buy weapons from the west to defend yourself against a Chinese proxy.

No one in Asia likes you brown subhumans. Kys

Enjoy that Chinese naval base in Sri Lanka poonigger.

Vietbro don't be rude......

You could call them RIBS tho

china is the only one that matters

the youtube comments from there are hilarious, pathetic and deslusional

China and India are literally fighting for nothing. There’s literally nothing in that disputed area. You guys are Libya-Chad tier retards.

don't care

as much as people want to hype up the power of China, their economy is fully dependent on American consumers

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The future rulers of the world

>literally nothing in that disputed area
Water. If you control the glaciers you have water for 1bn+ thirsty people and their crops.

i didn't know south-africa is evil

yeah wtf i thought they were white

>Which is limited to border disputes involving soldiers killing each other regularly

Truly best friends. The fact you said it unironically is hilarious.

Chudbro go back

leaders of the free world

That 'Chinese proxy' has been propped up and supported all throughout their 70 years of existence.
The US still gives them free F-16 so they can dive on some Kuffars.

Just North Europe alone is richer than them, YAWN

touch grass retard. most people here are very bluepilled about the west and wont hesitate to nuke china if they had the choice

leaders of the unfree world

propped up by the west*

So has India.

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Literally a single incident.
China isnt an ally.
However the US supporting Pakistan and all its terrorist activities, giving them weapons in all its wars against India, and still doing it, has ensured the West being a much bigger enemy.