Do you smoke?

Do you smoke?
Are you worried about the consequences like cancer?

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>tfw won't be able to smoke for years
seriously considering suicide tobehonest

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I love smoking

Usually just when I'm drinking, recently I've been having one smoke each evening because I ran out of snus. But it doesn't really feel like anything anymore honestly so I'll probably just go back to smoking when I drink

nobody smokes in America anymore except poor people

always blew my mind how it's so common in Europe

How come

I hope for the consequences of cancer so I will not die at 80+

Sometimes when my friend is smoking I'll smoke with him. Or if I go to a bar and people are chilling on the patio smoking I'll join in. Besides that no. So I maybe smoke one or two cigs a month

I am sick as it is (I have RA)
I don't want to add further complications

What about vaping and Fenatyl?

I might or might not have a child, if I do ill definitely not smoke until the kid is older.

anti smoke is the american PC culture of the 90s

>Do you smoke?
yes with limited and minimally so I don't get any cancer and get benefits from cigarette such as high IQ, more testosterone, ahdh cured, more immunity

You could switch to snus, at first I kept missing the whole feel of smoking, but then after a while I would rather just have a snus under my lip, it's smoother and longer duration. Except if you're pregnant then that's probably not a very good idea either

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Smoker libertarian fags should kill themselves immediately instead of slow death by cigarettes

are you okay

>Do you smoke?


>Are you worried about the consequences like cancer?

I don't need worried at all.

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I smoke maybe once a week, i like it
everything is okay in small amounts so i am not worried because I eat pretty well

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Smoking weed and vaping is common with zoomers/millenials but tobacco is designated to poor people, generally

literally no point in smoking if you're not a little drunk

I mean it's so fun to smoke when you're drunk lol

Cancer is a certainty for smokers. It's not chance. They will surely develop cancer.

I don't smoke, because it destroys the blood vessels. It can be verified by blowing smoke in a piece of white cloth. It will produce red spots in it. This is what cigarettes do to the body.

>nobody smokes in America anymore except poor people
Why is this?

This is pictures on korean cigarette warning labels. I am free. GG;)

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Why would you want to smoke when vape and weed exist?

for faggots
for retards

A cigar once in a blue moon, usually for celebration.

yes, but in the past year I switched from rolled tobacco to iqos (vaporized tobacco).

I do feel guilty about it, I've been trying to quit for a couple years. I only smoked like half of the covid years, and in the past 3 I usuallly smoke like 4-9 months out of the year.
I go a couple months without smoking, and then I get a bit drunk and I pick it back up. Such is life.

Those are pretty mild, ours have all kinds of gruesome pictures of dying people and amputated body parts and stuff lol. I remember some guy was making a complaint to the EU or something, because his picture was on a cigarette pack even though he doesn't even smoke. They just found a random picture of some ill guy and slapped it on the pack

I smoke kush
no, I'll die anyways, who cares

little by little politicians basically gutted the tobacco industry for decades until now it's basically in shambles and only propped up by old boomers who became addicted in the 70s