White mans kryptonite

White mans kryptonite

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Puked, MENA women are my kryptonite

Hello bwc department? You gotta see this

do you want to find your love in Japan?

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Polcels like to talk about white women ''betraying'' the white race by dating black men or brown men but white men are literally 10x worse with dating asians, but thats somehow ok

>white women ''betraying'' the white race by dating black men or brown men
This doesn't happen, go back bilal

those arses fart and shit just so you know

Germanic man's kryptonite

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Young women do not exist in Japan.

Everyone are older than me.

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right is cuter in every way except booba

tough choice

what takes to fuck a woman of this caliber?

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left is a man btw
you can see the bulge uWu

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They literally pretend to suck dick for a living.

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i love japan!!

i see the pain in shawty light brown eyes

Based & true

Asian women are superior to blondes.

not just pretend

Blondes are overrated, but browncels like you keep worshipping them

I thought they had school uniforms in Japan.

they do, rest are wearing, maybe before/after school or gym class


You're Brown

You're Brown

For school girls. That's clearly college/university.

all i'm gonna say is sex

that is 100% not college/university

why did you reply to me

>Asian women are superior to blondes.
Big brain take. They really are. Asian pussy is meant for big Latino cock

i was gonna say sex

The most beautiful women are the ones from the Middle East and the Horn of Africa, this happens to be a fact

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