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Do you prefer American history girls


Or English history girls?


funny how russia started to lose when it was about denazification, Hitler wins

This thread was made in honour of the innate majesty of the might quercus robur

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First one is a Jew
Second looks like a Jew and probably is

*chops it down*

NEW STUDY finds that OVER 80percent of /BRIT/ poster have the SAME HAIRCUT

yes it's a jew

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i have spoken about this before recently but i read some of history of middle earth volumes and they say tolkien wrote a very brief sequel to lotr, about 20 pages. and in this sequel he described the behaviour of orcs, for when they saw an apple tree full of apples they stomped its fruits to the ground

he quickly abandoned it because it was so was dreary
you know why? because of people like you. you are the rotten thing that stomps on others


I just get the £5 short back and sides I have done for the past two decades at the local barbers

you have to admit that it is quite stylish

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why's it so niggering cold lads? not but a week ago it was summerish weather

Joshua's response?

Her pupils are dilated. Probably on all kinds of anxiety medication. I can see the personality disorders from her face contortions

>Second looks like a Jew and probably is

Jews can't be that pale because they're native to the middle east that girl is native to northern Europe

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what's bald and bankrupt doing there?

Friendly reminder that the English went straight back to Normandy in the reign of Henry I and conquered it

>Where Noyon's tow'rs rise o'er the plain,
>And Oise flows onward to the Seine,
>Two banner'd hosts in ranks advance
>Here, Lewis leads the pow'rs of France;
>Henry of England, there, commands
>His English and his Norman bands
>See his arm the foremost crush,
>The island spearmen onward rush;
>While the bold chivalry of France
>Recoils before the Norman lance;
>And muttered oaths reveal their shame,
>As they curse the conqueror's name
>So distant ages long shall tell
>Of gallant Henry, first to quell
>On his own soil the Frenchman's pride,
>Where Noyon's field with blood was dyed;
>And conq'ring England's mighty son
>The spoils and laurell'd trophies won




95% of my problems would be solved if the weather in this country was a bit nicer

American 100%
Your accents are so fucking ridiculous, posh ones especially

What's your political ideology lads? I'm a rashist tankie Bolshevik.

repent battyboi

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jews aren't native to the middle east
"jews" aka khazars are native to eastern europe

You have the same accent except you pronounce T as D

politics are for virgins

I am a National Bolshevik Rashist with Maoist and infused Eurasianist Characteristics

imagine having a druggy gf so grim

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frfr no cap