What's your favorite generation?

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Malcom in the middle

will generations become irrelevant in the future?

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Genxers are people who are in their 50s now, soyboys are in their 30s, aka millenials

Why is the youngest generation all BLACK?

My generation, Generation Z

Because he is ALPHA

Silent because of my grandparents. I love them very much. I'm gen z and we don't look like that though.

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gen x is the original soy generation

I'd swap the batman tee to the millenial and the supreme tee to the zoomer

millennials are the s0yboys thoughever

Silents the best gen z's the worst because its mine. Millennials are a close second because they're responsible for rise of reactionary right wing politics and antisemitism

Me: millennial
Favorite: gen x (so my parents)

Poeple always joke about me being a time traveler, because i remind them more of a young version of their grandpa then a normal person my age. Only because i have traditional Christian views. But i am a zoomer, i swear, i played league back in my young days.

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greatest and alpha should be beaten to deaht by police


thats a nice way of saying you give off incel loser vibes user

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I don't understand what makes you say this.

all cringe after the silent generation

I wish I were a millennial so much it's unreal
t. zoomer

>back in my young days
It's giving old man





I am a millennial

They're more ok with you being right wing and having voted for trump

Gen Z

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