Does this happen in your country?

Does this happen in your country?
Poland No

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yay tetris


russian balconies are sovl

this should be illegal

fuck these people


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You mean custom balconies?
If so, then no.

No my landlord would have a heart attack, doesnt even allow pets

VGH... The architectural anarchism of Dagestan...

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No, it's illegal.


Mindboggling how they double their floor area but wont cover the building with insulation
Is heating really this cheap in Russia?

i dont remember commieblocks having any problems with insulation but heating is really cheap here indeed

every commieblock has balconies by default

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How does that even stand?

ancient russian secret

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city 17...home

well this is Sofia, which is partly what inspired city 17

Almost every panel house in Poland has been covered in styrofoam like so in the past 30 years

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Half of those balconies have been closed off

Happens in the Caucasus and Balkans as well

Makhachkala is a different world

I've been living in like ten different commieblocks and never had any issue with insulation.

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that's fucking cool.


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>No, it's illegal.

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