New map of the mental and cultural divisions of Europe just dropped

New map of the mental and cultural divisions of Europe just dropped.

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>They’ve come under fire recently due to their refusal to follow policies imposed by Western EU countries.

>We must however step into their shoes to understand where they’re coming from.

>The Visegrád group has been invaded and destroyed several times by Germans coming from the West, and Russians from the East.

>It’s difficult to say which group was more violent than the other as both have unleashed a considerable amount of suffering.

das rite

>Yugoslavia split into Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Kosovo, and Slovenia (and don’t you dare try telling them they’re all the same).

Well, Slovenia and Kosovo are two of the most dissimilar countries in Europe, with next to nothing in common culturally, historically, genetically or linguistically. Even Slovenia and Serbia have almost nothing in common except for a somewhat similar language and 70 years of shared history.

True. I would add Slovenia and Croatia to the Višegrad countries desu

Croatia should be orange.

Croatia are culturally southern european

About the Orange ones:
>People in these six countries go to each other’s countries on holidays or for Erasmus;
We don't, we stay at home
>they learn each other’s languages and history;
We don't, we don't learn foreign languages at all and we only learn about Rome and Greece because they're ancient civs and nothing else
>and they watch each other’s news.
We don't, I don't know or care what happens outside of my region
>We’re much more focused and acquainted with African and North-African cultures
Is that what they call racism nowadays?

Sorry, but Austria should be orange.

60% of Croatia was the same country as Hungary for almost 1000 years and still is culturally and genetically most similar to Hungary
30% is "med" and similar to Italy
rest are rural border regions with turk bosnian culture

Continental Croatia is central Europe, let's say that culturally it belongs to the group with v4, Austria and Slovenia. The Adriatic part of Croatia is undoubtedly Mediterranean. It is impossible to put Croatia in just one category.

>literal who

>I have a hard time considering Germany as a real “Western country”. It doesn’t feel Western when I go there.
And they called me a schizo for saying the same kek

>Slovenia and Serbia have almost nothing in common

You're both Little Turks, eat baklava and burek for breakfast, play tambura and had actual wars past WW2

None of that is true. Serbs consider burek breakfast, Slovenes consider it junk food that you buy on a drunken night out.

Patuljko, jedi govna. What you wrote is like saying that Germans and Turks are part of the same culture because in Germany they eat kebab. I don't know if you understand that none of these dishes existed in Croatia and Slovenia 80-90 years ago.

>hurr durr I've been to london and dublin and therefore the UK and Ireland are basically the same

what kind of schizo crap is that

>The Nordics are perfect and should genocide the rest of Europe and re-settle it with nords

Kind of harsh but I can't say I disagree

I don't care what happened 90 years ago, now Slovenia is basically the same like Kosovo and this is why Yugoslavia MUST return also because I've already run out of Yu rock songs to listen to

Ireland is like England's DLC lol

Slovakia and czechia is split

Weird why did you do that Lithuania bro

>I was fortunate to live in Poland, and Hungary is one of my favorite countries in the world

>how to recognize a Any Forumstard chud in one sentence

Random persons opinions about stuff. Okay.

Just admit you blushed when you read it

I cringed actually because the rest of his post is a pile of typical Any Forums far right bullshit

It really feels that way
shut the fuck up

Let's go kill 'em all Sven. God wills it.

>I once suggested to my Iranian friend to visit Greece, but he rebuffed saying that “it’s pretty similar to Iran

Ummm Hellasbros????

nice map really, I would question you upon Latvia since Riga is an Estonian town

What made you cringe? He's absolutely right

>Believe it or not, but I don’t really make the difference between the UK and Ireland. They both speak English, can’t handle Belgian beers
you mean stella?

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