I did a DNA test, is it cool or not ?

I did a DNA test, is it cool or not ?

>Genetic group
Northern France (Hauts-de-France and Normandy) and Belgium (Wallonia)

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When i click on it, it says "French from France"

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I was sure for the italian dna, my grand father has sicilian origins lol

Very cool user

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Woah very cool one user, i'm jealous.

>juif ashkenazi
I would figure this is noise as is most things at very low percentages. (

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Yes i think it's noise because from far i know about my family, no one is jew or has origins from levantine.

Iberian is really common with french people (MyHeritage says in the iberian category that im a french from France)

>in the iberian category that im a french from France)
A bit odd but maybe categorizes them based on population that went to France? Even then you would be hardpressed to separate them. I think you can upload your data to livingdna (one i posted) for free and also get an estimate too if you want a second opinion so to speak.

>Juif ashkénaze

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im going to do that yes

>these are the euromongrels calling americans mutts

Deus mio, at least americanoids are just british + germ

what's wrong with being mutt ? im just from all parts of Europe.

I only see a full win here

nooooo leave me alone germanoïd

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You are just a standard wop amalgam

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>1.9% ashkenazi
I knew the french were in fact jewish

one of us
one of us

Is it true Walloons were Protestants in the 17th century but were cucked back into Catholicism?

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Haven't heard of that, it wouldn't surprise me but it was probably a small group. I know that there were some in the east, what is now Limburg, so Liège isn't far off. But Wallonia was pretty catholic afaik.