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I can't be fucked changing the gears myself

Automatic feels weird.
Maybe I could get used to it but having the car shift gears without me telling it to is weird.
It's less controllable.

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only in new cars
old automatic transmissions suck the power and fuel from your engine like crazy

cope, what "control" do you need? you go from point A to point B

poorfag cope
you're grocery shopping not rallying

I live in a country where most people drive a manual and I agree with it.

Imagine this
>give ride to some intcel in your car
>they start commenting on your choice of transmission like a thread on Any Forums
>"ummm akshually automatic/manual is superior because..."

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It's fun to drive manual

Holy cope. It's much more "controllable" because you can focus in everything else better

what if i wanna feel like a race car driver

automatic is also superior for racing

shit like cvt transmission, active suspension and aero are banned because they make driving too easy
motorsports in general is the definition of artificial difficulty

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thanks kimi

>step a little bit harder on accelerator
>car bumps unexpectedly
manual is smoother
>you go from point A to point B
that's a dumb take

It isn't, you're just lazy and a bad driver.

>you're just lazy
if you weren't you wouldn't be driving a car

my favorite auto transmission moment is when clueless normie (or basically all women) drive and they arbitrary pick some speed like 50kmph and then you can hear how the auto keeps nonstop shifting gears up and down every 2 seconds.

and this basically halves cars life and if you try to explain this to normie driver to either slow down a little or speed up they give you the fluoride stare.

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It's a don't.

Automatic transmissons are a waste of fuel and money.
I doubt an automatic vehicle driving inside a city/town goes higher than 3rd gear.
Sorry, but i rather not having to go to the gas station every 2 days.
Manual is superior, because i can drive around my town in 4th and 5th gear, saving fuel, time and money

a lot of automatic cars now have an "economy mode" button which saves gas by going to higher gears sooner.

Don't care, I walk and bike.

>what do I prefer out of "a" or "b"?
Whichever suits my needs, will help me get ahead and will be easier to operate/use. Who the fuck holds brand loyalty to a technology? You just usr what the situation calls for.

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