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You're literally an esl

yanks b like
>based french, you helped us win the war of independence! yeah!

also yanks b like
>lets omit the french influence from our spelling because... it's le bad

rent free



Why are you mad? He's obviously right

You’re the one who says leftenant

More Anglo than you Nigel.

even American francophiles didn't want to adopt the metric system. There's this weird dichotomy with Anglos on the one hand being completely francified beyond believe but on the other hand completely hostile (and incompetent) when it comes to french . Just listen to an anglo try to sound smartass by using french terms and then butcher them horribly as only an anglo can

Americans be like
>common spelling that shows definition of word through root words
>nah senpai fuck root words give me the most muttified nonsensical spellings you got senpai

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>NOooOO, you need to put unnecessary bullshit in the spelling of your words because... you just have to OKAY!?

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this is just the american language. don't like it? ignore it then chud freak

brits be like
>I'm going me for a walke downe the olde shoppes

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aluminium sounds too badass so we changed it to aluminum because it's a cheap abundant metal

Kys bongoloid


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imagine unironically and deliberatly choosing this as a motif for your bait lmao
britshits really are a nation of cucks

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i look like that

wytboi kinda cute tho