Hell on earth

Hell on earth.

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>let's put in the same place people that hate eachother, what could go wrong

i love this place

Ah Yugoslavia, my first cultural shock

Why is Moldova Balkan and Greece not Balkan?

Moldova is Russia and Greece is western Europe duh

What happened?

Why isn't this all a British protectorate?

Slavs just had to exist and ruin everything (central slavs except sl*vaks are cool though)

worst thing is I can't even move to west europe because I keep seeing balkanshits there and locals will associate me with balkan
my only choice is some developed east asian country or some smaller US town without balkanshit immigrants, even gulf states have them

>locals will associate me with balkan
What would be worse? Someone thinking you're 1) Turk 2) Albanian 3) Bulgarian

the other 2 are probably more civilized than "serbo-croats" we get lumped under

>worst thing is I can't even move to west europe because I keep seeing balkanshits there and locals will associate me with balkan
real talk
will the entire balkans be completely empty in 100 years time because they've all moved to western europe?

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Once upon a time while Britain was great and an empire the anglokikes in the parliament of commons used this geo strategical move that was working wonders on the short term(but creating disasters for everyone in the long terms)
It's divide and rule but with a twist.
To fuck over India they invented pakistan
To fuck over Russia they supported ottomans
To fuck over ottomans the invented Saudi arabia
To control trade lines they made protectorates and trade post towns stolen or robbed or conquered from China, Egypt, jibuti Spain..
And that same method was used on every scale and against friend or foe.
During the opium war analbania was invented to be a base enterpot for opium into Europe and to forever fuck over Greece and later Serbia.
All non countries in that map have similar creation stories.
Even turkey in its current form was a product of British struggle to maintain their lapdog control of Bosforus.
Atatürk, secularisation, genocide, ethnic exiles and forced relocation, sending Aussies and new Zealanders into certain death, betrayal of allies, etc.
Everything done so big bad Russia doesnt get control oflver black sea and doesn't get entrance to Mediterranean.

Croatia is heaven on earth.

real talk, i die when i get associated with albanians especially kosovars


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How to fix this

I just break stereotypes by being a law abiding citizen with 2 german degrees. Still doesn't help in the general picture, but i don't care

teofan arvanitis, you are albanian

We're doing fine, we appreciate your concern

>you are greek
>always the same garbage response
can't expect anything from a serb rape baby anyway

How about you stay in your own country you fucking coward leech subhuman, god i hate cRoATS