ITT: Post snacks or candy that is uniquely associated with your cunt

ITT: Post snacks or candy that is uniquely associated with your cunt

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Aren't those Belgian?

no, belgian waffles are something different altogether

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you have put your dick in one of those haven't you

Corn and mayonnaise uma delicia

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I'm Turkish but this German delight is one of the best ones I've eaten my whole life. Literally addictive if it wasn't overpriced.

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Lecker Stroopwafels!
Here are some gummibears. We invented those.

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Broke my heart to find out my beloved English Jam Doughnut was, in fact, G*rman

Pretty sure every country on earth has these, not a typical German thing

love em

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Literaly has Italian name

I mean, its name is Berliner so there's that.

Literally no.

>The name comes from the word kaban, an old obsolete term used in eastern parts of Poland for a young male pig fattened with potatoes specially for making this kind of sausage (hence kabanos - "made of kaban"). The word kaban with a similar meaning is also present in other neighbouring languages

krapfen over here
doughnuts over there
I bet the chiese have a name for it as well

I thought waffles were Belgian

You're right I guess. But that, Schnecken and Amerikaner is the only thing that comes to mind when I think of German sweets.

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Thanks Poland
t. Iceland

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I remember you!

The name is retarded (like 'brigadier' or, for us, 'General of the Air Force').

But is tasty as fuck

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Noone here calls them Berliner it's just a doughnut, same in the UK when I visited

Doughnuts have holes in them though.

We call them Berliner too
>calling something a doughnut when it's clearly NOT nut-shaped

How can you remember me?

In my state South Australia we have a big German culture from the colonial times, with a few German communities with unique dialects and foods. One of those foods is the Kitchener bun, which is like a berliner but stuffed to the brim with cream and sugar. So good.
Sorry OP, gonna take over your thread by spamming uniquely Australian desserts

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My parents gave that your snack from Holland trip. It was so sweet and my teeth were shaking but yummy.

pic related

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A few years ago there was a poster from Iceland that always posted Prince Polo in Polish related threads.

You've got your English messed up, that's just a type of doughnut, there are many others including jam doughnuts/custard doughnuts that look like that pic

Vanilla slices or 'snot blocks' which is a thick, almost solid block of vanilla custard sandwiched between two puff pastry layers and icing sugar

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I tried those once, very nice

i love putting these things over coffee