Post music from your region

Post music from your region

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are they singing in a regionalen Dialekt?

what a bop

I never get any (You)s in this kind of threads, so I won't post anything.

most famous song from this area

Here's a (You) in advance, so post something

no, it's standard German
but the guy is from my region (Baden-W├╝rttemberg), the woman was born in Berlin

I should have said "post and comment on others"
If not, these threads become autistic and boring

post a song in a Dialekt, bitte

Apparently this cringe was made here in Irkutsk

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I don't really know any and the ones I've found are bad
here's a video of a comedian talking about my region's dialect if you wanna watch that:

es scheint als dieses Typ lacht ├╝ber diesen Dialekt :(

>Post music from your region

Here comes some Illinois music bros

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>comment on others
It's kind of hard if you have nothing to say.


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