I eat once per day. What about you?

I eat once per day. What about you?

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What did the tik tok ho meant by this?
Also twice a day

3 times
breakfast, lunch, dinner

She is implying Asians would be way too good looking with blue eyes

Breakfast - 10am break - Lunch - 5 pm snack - Dinner

maximum of twice per day, often just once per day

stopped eating br*akfast years ago

I eat whenever I'm hungry or whenever my mother cooks so two or three meals in the weekend and two meals inside of the week.

Breakfast is a psyop to make you fat and obedient

yep, i realised this aged like 13
i'm 100x more energetic and mentally focused if i skip breakfast. fasting is good for you, but "they" don't want you to know this

5 cups of tea (minimum) and two small meals

No. Blue eyes asian is ugly.

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she meant after the plastic surgery, not before

and I drink as dinner.

Will that give me blue eyes?

She meant her. But not wanted to sound so narcissist




how does breakfast make you fat?

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Two times a day. Three if I was in a gym that day

Why you drink alcohol for dinner Jap bro

More calories. If you eat breakfast you have to eat less during lunch and dinner to not get fat

asians wish they were med

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so eat less?

Do you guys do any kind of exercise?

I don't know, but I don't eat breakfast and I've never been overweight, and the other anons confirmed it so it must be true

by skipping breakfast? ok

How will you get a fat ass now?

Retards, dinner is the meal that makes you fat since you don't excerise after eating which stores it. If you eat breakfast you're still active throughout the day.

Sorry but I would rather take the word of top g

that's not how it works my nigga

Breakfast is mostly excess carbs, dinner is more of a nutritional recharge after working all day

I eat 3 times a day bcuz I founded out that the company takes food money out of my pay whenever I eat or not

I'm tired when I come back home, and I don't want to cook when I'm tired.
I usually have edamame and beer at dinner.

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He is bald, ugly and brown, I think he's even a manlet so I don't care.
Not how it works. You put in energy and use it up while working. You don't drive your car when it's at 0L and fill it after you've driven 100km.

You guys are the epitome of retardation.
>Breakfast makes you fat!
>That's why I skip it and eat a lot during dinner and lunch
You just can't control yourselves around food. You'll be fat either way when you reach 35 because of your retarded ways of living