Should I move to Finland? Why not?

Should I move to Finland? Why not?

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>be from a literal paradise on earth with no flaws
>want to move to a shitty, gloomy, cold hell full of shitty people

>sunless winters
>cold, damp spring/autumn
>hellish summer swarmed with mosquitos
>endemic autism
Stay the fuck out

No. Because you're not a finn

Ireland is the Finland of the west

>hellish summer swarmed with mosquitos
only problem in lakeland swamps, not in cities and by sea.

What you want from life?

But user, he said he wants to leave Ireland

>be from a literal paradise on earth with no flaws
he's irish


Try writing that without having a BBC in your mouth

Finland is a lot like Ireland but with more extreme weather and a harsher nature.




it's true THOUGH
direland is 1000x more grim than finland

>literal paradise on earth with no flaws
That's Finland though


go move there, Finns woeat you alive, learn how they speak and then compare it to how we we speak since we are original proto-finnics

History and hence national identity does carry resemblance.

Also rampant alcoholism and a potato based diet.

>>sunless winters
>>cold, damp spring/autumn
>>endemic autism
They're good

>>hellish summer swarmed with mosquitos
Literally half of Northern Italy

Literally why would you?

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There are commieblocks in every cunt