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morning brosss. toilberg told me to clock in an hour early

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you're at work now?

no. gonna go now

don't fuck up anything

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at 14 my dad said to my mom maybe he doesnt like women!
and that was the end of me talking how i became a gay

still nice to be held while learning how to fire a shotgun. youre my son i gotta teach you ranger shots. a shotgun is not that effective beyond small medium at best range

he shot a pigeon out of the sky one time in our own courtyard

i wanna fire something more.. like a handgun first

Are they okay with it? I thought Romania was kind of homophobic

i miss my gf bros

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not really homophobic, but not really against either

yeah my mother is at least, i dunno if anybody told my brother

it is still homophobic but i had a nice date when i was 17 with a nice 16 yo guy and we had a nice time, held hands, watched the movie, and then we kissed at the end of the date
in kinda snowy wintery time
two of our friends from other highschools introduced us to each other

Wake the fuck up



Forcefields and horse shields


it's full of boring people that don't do shit, so they have nothing to post about

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china airlines between hong kong and taipei.......
that i dont recommend. fly like maniacs with a boeing 747 my god when flying out of hong kong......
i didnt have to go back to that. taipei to amsterdam and ams to liverpool all from klm

also i flew delta from jfk to lax once

Good morning ladies and gents


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I am exclusively attracted to Japanese women.

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what an awful morning

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Have been getting a lot of attention from this hot girl at work.
She doesn't read my messages but goes out of her way to talk to me irl

I'm guessing her bf gets pissed when I message her

Feels kinda gross because we are both in ltrs but I absolutely adore her and she knows it and also likes it

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I am attracted to women of all races except black

this dude in live in a nightlife area of Thailand right now

some hot girls around