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doing a poo

If you attended Sunday church and confessed your sins to him. Then possibly.

third for rationalism and satan

why do you have to confess your sins if god is omnipotent

glad my gf is autistic so I never have to introduce her to my friends and they can never tell her about the awful things I've done in the past lol

rate the last movie you watched

hang all gays

mumberg found some feral catstein and took the fuckin thing in. got it locked in some strange device. poor thing had to get all its fur shaved off so now its bloody bare, and its been sneezing the last 3 days. decided to do a good deed and forego my hot water bottle in this cold weather tonight (9C low tonight) and give it to this old, bald cat, who probably does need it more than me


roo steak and a bit of salad for tea x

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>glad my gf is autistic
how did you even meet her?
did you specifically go after 'tism?

What's it like shagging an autist?

i shaved my pubes and now i have a lump that looks suspiciously like a wart above my shaft ... but I haven't had sex so ..
should it be concerning

ask your tranny sex slave

Good news Diego!!!!!!!!!!!!
>The Graham Norton Show premieres its 30th series on Friday 30th September 2022 at 10.35pm.

blog on

would an uncool guy have a raspberry pi as his media centre thing to the tv, all tablets, computer, laptops can share files easily between them and stream directly
also download torrents
stream steam games through the raspberry pi directly to your tv while your main pc is upstairs
every since we moved and gotten depressed i just use my laptop

oh the PS4 can stream from the raspberry pi, not some mkvs though due to sonys copyright thing but any mp4s are fine

never got a dongle that would allow the PS controllers to be used with the raspbi though..... maybe one day

done him there

poo for tea x

stalled the car driving up a steep hill, lads.

yes it is good news but unless there's a sofa i think the show is done it losta ll its mojo with the stupid social distancing chairs

mr. brain's poo faggots

Went to a British pub last night. They had corned beef nachos and fish and chip tacos on the menu. It was literally ran by Mexicans.

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Wales is unnecessary, not spoken by the majority of Wales, and forced on the majority of the people of the area of Wales by the minority who do speak it.

Welsh people need to reclaim their original identity - British. The language of the British is English. The language of the world is English.

i actually don't fucking care
blog the fuck off

My fiancée isn't autistic or trans though?

Krysten Ritter is too peng lads

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>calling yourself British

Oh my days

big fucking yikes

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>Wales is unnecessary
*WELSH is unnecessary

But so is Wales, and England, and Scotland

Rorke mate, I thought the white race was going to go extinct?

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who wants huggy kissy today?

not what i asid... are you illiterate

im the hardest and straightest lad in /brit/

only rorke is going extinct
because he can't BREED

>not calling yourself British

This is literally /brit/ you down syndrome bastard

*stroking my six inch captive demon*
you might be the straightest

Then not sure why I would ask her what it's like to be autistic

I think that will be reverted, that said the show as a whole needs a real revamp
I think it will be the final series anyway because GN is busy with his wines now

Looks identical to my younger sister so it's gonna be a no from me big man

hilarious to think there are two british people arguing about who is literate

*was too peng
she looks old as fuck now

she's making that baby uncomfortable

what's the wine stuff?
ye probably a good time to end it really the heights are long gone
maybe get a different host in try do a different chatshow more social etc like GN used to be

>two female polices officers stabbed this morning
>Overnight, two other officers were injured, including one who was driven into by a car in south London
I sleep

Literally one of the few cases where a brown girl let a pigskin cuck loser impregnate her because she is mentally ill while there hundreds of millions of white girls who give birth to mulatto babies

its okay to kill police morty I don’t respect them


>What's it like shagging an autist?
>ask your tranny sex slave
i went to the royal court theatre for seven years to study playwriting. thats a full scene

i had i kid you not 4 optical drives in a computer, had to get a pci controller for the hard drive because motherboards standard was to support 4 drives at most then
a cd rom
a cd rw
a dvd rom
a dvd +/-rw
why you ask. because i was burning hundreds of cds and dvds so if you use only one lens every time for its intended purpose its less likely they will wear out very fast
asus, teac i think were the brands

now i have a blu ray writer in the pc, just as a novelty and nostalgia i wrote a few blu rays with nero