Say something nice about the new 2nd army in the world (title previously held by russia)

Say something nice about the new 2nd army in the world (title previously held by russia)

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Proud that we managed to hold out and are coming back. We have a long way to go still, but there is no other way

user, that's not a map of China.

They have the best Nazis.

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You're gonna lose. I'm not freezing this winter and if it means to give ukraine under russian subjugation that's a sacrifice I'm willing to make

nobody care about your opinion though

You will always be poor and corrupted

quick guilt trap the germs into sending you leopards

Even if you were the literal dictator of Austria instead of some random nobody, your opinion still wouldn't matter.

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And you will always be seething, TAKE THAT PUTIN" poster

The french are not human

unless the russian nazis they haven't trained any terrorists to blow stuff up in sweden (yet)

Be funny if they counter, invade Russia, win, and reestablish Soviet Union with all the NATO gear.

their corpses belong in a ditch

Very cool, send them more weapons lol lmao even

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It's up to you to put them there, your country needs proud patriots like you that believe in her righteous struggle in Ukraine.

Why the fuck is there a hammer and sickle on the helmet? Are there still people that haven't realized that Russia isn't led by the communist party anymore?

Based. When it's over I bet we'll make sure you are a fortress country like Israel or Taiwan

it's 2022, adolf
you have absolutely no say in this

To be generous to the one that made the meme, they might be claiming Russia is down to using soviet era helmets.

Based France and Italy. We are dumb enough to not just let our MIC die


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You mean Germany was dumb enough to hesitate and look slow and weak and then get the gas cut off anyway and be forced to commit.
This war is the end of the idea of an independent, German lead Europe. Every Eastern European country knows that their protector is the US and not Germany now.

French and Italian MICs are alive and well.

Well done, you just proved that Russia invading Ukraine is actually the Soviet Union invading itself. Why? Because of the Ukrainian Nazis. Let me prove it to you with pic rel.

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there's a lot of soviet nostalgia in the russian army you can't deny that

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And there's a lot of sympathy for Nazis in the Ukrainian army, you can't deny that.

who cares though lol?

They're a corrupt shithole oligarchy and I dont want to suffer anymore than I need to because of them. Fuck russia too.

Holy shit what's going to happen when they find out their leader is Jewish? It's fucking over for Ukraine.

Eastern Europe are buffer states to begin with, I also don’t care a shit about Europe lol. It’s a demographically dead loser continent.

when did Ukrainan forces raise a nazi statue though?

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What are you doing here, don't you have to mourn your relic that died recently

I'm phoneposting from the queue sweaty x