1 year 4 months no shave

>1 year 4 months no shave
It's over.

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Get on finasteride bro

>6months of growing, 8 months ago

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Have just a mustache.

Are you pure French? You look a bit like me

I grow a mujaheddin beard so I never let it grow for more than 2 months

You lucky fucker, that's like two months of growth for me

1 week without shaving should I keep the mustache?

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more like 2 weeks

this me. no shave since war start. it's over

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>I grow a mujaheddin beard
holy based
>so I never let it grow for more than 2 months
unholy cringe

just trim it and never shave again

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it's not bad bro. Shave your cheeks and leave the middle part. We call it سكسوكة here

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don't keep a mustache if it looks like that, i did it for years and i now realize in retrospect how awful it looked.
either grow more hair around it or remove the pedo stache.

I am 26yo and I can't even grow a moustache

just shaved it

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You may a wise choice

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thank you my greatest ally

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IT'S OVER OP...........
hop on on min and fin and hairtransplant or shave it

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ive had to shave every 2 weeks since i was 18 otherwise i look homeless
the grass isn't always greener bros

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After letting it grow for that long, it's usually down to my chest.