I don't believe this shit

I don't believe this shit

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HDI is dumb, it uses 3 measures:
>GDP per capita
>Life expectancy
>Number of years of education on average
The first two I can understand, the third is bullshit. And of course a lot of more important measures are left out.

It’s just gdp per capita life expectancy and years of schooling.
Ireland isn’t better than Germany or the Netherlands it’s on par with the uk, the poor in Ireland look the same as the poor in Yorkshire fat, and partly to blame for their own problems.


Switzerland makes sense
They are kangs and wealthy
And Norway is the richest Nordic nation

You wouldn't be saying that if the UK had a higher HDI

Nah, I’d still be saying it.
Hdi is a bit of a shit measurment

And I’m not white so……

You are just jealous that you have a lower hdi than us

I don’t care

HDI is so fucking retarded, it counts years of education and basic GDP per capita for its calculations.

>since 2015

Scandiland, Netherlands, and Switzerland

My home country called Chad, is at the bottom of the list, even the drc, Afghanistan and Yemen are better. It’s deserved, but I don’t think it should be that low, the country isn’t a war zone.


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>lost to Holland again

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Is life nice for a poor guy in Switzerland?

It’s gdp ppp per capita, even worse lol and years of schooling, that’s why Poland is on the same level as Qatar.
Qatar should be above 0.9

>It’s gdp ppp per capita
huh, I thought it was basic GDP PP.
>even worse
I mean, it equalises the field but yes, GDP PPP is valid as long as you are buying "Made in Your Shithole".