If your country is not in the top 10 you're ngmi

if your country is not in the top 10 you're ngmi

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where is my country, we are ngmi



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>Brazil below Japan

the brazil isis greentext is REAL

This is what happens when you do two drugs at the same time

>Ireland near bottom
>UK second highest eurocunt
It's so over

damn higher than France and other terrorism-free places such as Burundi and Lebanon

chile has terrorism? from whom?

Theres something wrong peru #37 but wheres chile and mapuches?

Oh i see #18 its correct.

Based mapuches like to burn shit from rich people and forestry companies

What's going on in Chile?
you guys have always been smart about never accrediting these groups with any sort of political character, so it's just violent crime as opposed to terrorism

>What's going on in Chile?
Lots of depressing and gay shit involving mapuches and forestall companies the whole conflict is beign used as a political game while the people suffering from it become a second priority despite everyone saying the opposite, its all mostly propaganda tactics but some terrorism is true.
Honestly is all so mixed that you can hardly tell one from another and normies eat all of it either from the mapu or the forestall corporations side.
If you live in the capital you are not going to be affected outside of the protests wich are lame and gay (ben to a lot of them, best place to get drunk)
Also chileans are depressed as fuck, almost everyday one chilly pepper throws himself into the train tracks, its a matter of time until some brainwashed asshole decides to do a shooting american style

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India so up high? I refuse to believe.

Dumb you dont know a shit about mapuches. Its the worst descrption that i ve read

>high crime
>low terrorism
we win I guess

Ah yes Greece, the foremost terrorist state in the EU

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you are the closest to ME so you are more endangered

Nobody really does or care

According to you its not dangerous? Well when u hear "marichiweu" at your street in the middle of los trapenses will be late. Wake up

That doesn't happen though

we're just as close and we're not even on the list

Petro in culombia, castillo aka the terrorist in peru, borij in chile And dont u see what could happen? Enjoy this septmeber 18. And good luck on october 18