Why are you spending your Friday on this website in your country

Why are you spending your Friday on this website in your country

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im at work and having a shit

It's Freedee?
Holy shit

it's 8 am in the morning cunt

i went out yesterday and im glad i wont have to today, its always crowded on fridays

i have 3 more hours to work
but i plan to hit the bar later

Where did you go yesterday?

cannibal buffet
had a hearty samoan baby

I'm "working" from home


just woke up

Because i am unemployed introvert

I am so addicted

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I like hanging on the internet and playing video games, bars aren't all that exciting

I am an introverted retard with no discernible goals in life

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I'm at work

I have nowhere else to be
Rn sitting in the office with lights off listening to schizoteric rites

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Yeah but we all spend millions of hour in front of our screens. It's better to go outside even if alone for a walk sometimes
What do extroverts typically do during weekends in your country?

The weather is bad so I can't be bothered to go outside, it's wet and rainy

friday evening is the only time normies leave the site now
real nigga hours

I am a misanthropic schizoid.