How influential is the philosophy of Marie Kondo in your country?

How influential is the philosophy of Marie Kondo in your country?

In the USA she is despised by white women who are jealous of her success, however her message has been very well recieved by the jewish establishment.

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Marie Kondo. Do you not have access to google in your country?

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Marie Kondo is one of the most important philisophers of our time

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literally who?

I aint googling shit
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what's her message

more like Maria Apamento


Yes in Finland we call her philosophy konmaritus.

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>Marie Kondo is 140 centimetres (4 ft 7 in) tall.

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>marie kondo
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isn't the theorem considered an essential part of the western world?

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Local American phenomenon. She's completely unknown here.

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She has zero influence. People barely know her but i remember some tgs were talking about her when she became famous in the us but after that she became a literally who. But she looks cute i would smash that nip pussy even though she looks flat as fuck.

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I prefer Maria Ozawa

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