What age do women hit the wall in your country?

What age do women hit the wall in your country?

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Women here are born into the wall. They are profoundly ugly the moment they are born, such is life for the British slag.

finally this whore got what she fucking deserved

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Makeup Vs no makeup

What happened?


if it was zoomed out in same lighting conditions shed look cuter on right

she got impregnated by a russian bvll

she ded

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>visits bf in england where he is studying
>travels back to ukraine to meet his friend day after
>cheats on bf with his friend
>friend becomes new bf
>new bf rapes her on 21st birthday
>has meltdown on social media

25 or at best 27

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she smashed through the wall 6 years ago

Fucking Christ.

That’s not the same person you retards lol. Bella Thorne on the right

nine is prime

Women are mentally ill.

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Reddit is now officially more based than fourchan

Deserved, but we all know she wanted it anyways



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You too, after all you're here Hands

Yes it is.

I never said I wasn't. Just stating the fact that most if not all women are mentally ill.

He didn't say that you said that you wasnt he just stated that you are

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That story nourishes the soul.

kek I remember seeing this post back when it came out. I didn't think much of it back then, I thought the "roasts" were pretty mediocre but I am not surprised the whore couldn't take it.


Wait, who is this chick?

bros i thought ukrainan girls were supposed to be tradpilled...