TFW my country owes reparations to Poland but refuses to pay

>TFW my country owes reparations to Poland but refuses to pay

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das rite

Technically you owe us reparations too. Gib money cracka.

literally aryans

it's not true

didnt you guys payed them already?

t. german last name

Pooland needs to pay its own reparations

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Yeah but we paid to the illegitimate Polish communist state, so it doesn't count

t. pisuar

If you owe Poland then you owe the UK for the Blitz. With interest. Pay up Germans, or shut the fuck up. Poland also owe us.

shit can you buy a steam game for me then?

before you pay poland you gotta pay us! We were occupied 1 year longer than poland by you

True, nobody suffered as much from Nazi occupation as Austria

>1.3 trillion euros would raise denbts by 50%
nobody would even borrow the state that much money, can't afford soz

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I literally want them to pay it too. Why not give money to Poland instead of the billions we piss into Asia and Africa?

If they are going to drain our tax at the very it should go to European neighbours instead ingrates who nothing to do with us.

We could pay that over a period of 20 years

Not technically true, it was paid to Moscow an in theory they were supposed to give it to Poles, but they never did.

Isnt that the same as saying it was the illegitimate german government that invaded so you dont owe them reparations?

We did pay you:

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