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janny doesn't like threads about Arielle, they all get deleted

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i pay 100% of his salary, he bows to me

Pls user youre 20+

Why do ppl get mad that Arielle gets cast as black but not that the original Danish story got butchered by Disney?


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Do browns really...

Disney did more damage to European folk tales than just le black pipo

noone gives a flying fuck about some folks tale for girls bro

because that would require people to know the story

Based. I am Future Turankasu!

why are black piypo obsessed with depicting dbz characters as inner city tattooed trash?
i can't be the only one that noticed this phenomenon

This would be wrong about the girl.


The girl would find another reason to whine.

kek based af


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everybody does it, from hispanics to nafris to arabs to other arabs. Also hispanics love to localize Simpsons as favela dwellers.

Finally, ugly girls have a superhero. It's time!

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I kneel

The super jew!