Post places in ur cunt that you want to live in

post places in ur cunt that you want to live in

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Lake Constance area is great

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I wanna buy summer cottage by saimaa.

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I dont want to live in this shithole.

there must be so many nice places in the French countryside that aren't shitholes

No. Also the countryside ugly and grim as shit.
t.lives there

I just want to leave the city and live in countryside of my state.

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looks nice, which state?

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probably somewhere in bucovina or the south west of the country close to the irton gates near danube

IP range is banned from images, but the Olympic Peninsula is my dream.


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São Paulo, in the mountainous region.

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looks scandi, is that new england?

Yes, top is Camden, Maine bottom is Marblehead, Massachusetts

I suffer outside of Mtskheta

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Of course those are in New England. Everywhere outside of it looks like pic related.

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This looks exactly like my city

That's beautiful, what's the mountainous region is it north? I remember seeing similar landscapes when I drove from São Paulo to Ubatuba.

Southern Russia is beautiful. I dream of visiting Krasnodar Krai and Crimea.

Based, one of my fav states

I want to live in a almost-car-free middle sized town. Does not exist here, at least not in this time period. Should have been born 100 years earlier or 100 years in the future.

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yea it really looked like that, comfy as fuck

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>implying 1922 austria wasn't a complete shithole and developing country outside of vienna

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Do you live in the Maritimes?

I love rocky coasts

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In fact it' s a pain to live in the countryside where there are no big bookshops, so I would rather live in Kyoto.