Turks are more Iranian than Persians

Turks are more Iranian than Persians.

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I see there is some D2 in central asia, was it tibetan

no idea. the location suggests its near altay/khakasia republic in Russia. and not sure if the marker still exists in contemporary people.

look here

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bishkek, missed another one and it's on Kyrgyz.

Yes, yes, well done. HOWEVER...

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it could be from siberian D2, tibetan is D1 and D3 on this map

Unified Turkish country should be a thing

Ottoman empire was fucking based making europeans seethe til today

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K in southeast asia

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stop attaching these people to us, please.

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Your leader is literally a Turk, amigo.

Overthrow your President

He's not our leader + no wonder why this country is such a hellhole.

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Mughals weren't Turks

Good. Persians deserve to suffer.

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go back + he's already dead

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Mughals were Turks.

No, it's comfy here + Wikipedia doesn't mention his death so he's alive.