Is depressing food the best food?

What did you have for lunch Any Forums

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20ml of vape juice as of right now
I'm stuck in meetings

fuggg I want Grillhänchen but the Hänchenwagen didn't have any anymore yesterday, and he's only there on Thursday

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Hot dogs with ketchup, cheese, and mustard.

What do you find enjoyable in them I hate vanes

Buckwheat kasha with chicken patty and a solyanka

nothing, I'm poor

I'm sorry

I'm addicted to nicotine and I don't want to shit up my apartment with cigarette smoke
also it probably destroys my lungs less so I guess there's that too

I'm three days into quitting for no fucking reason and want my nicotine back. Waking up without it kills me.

as far as quitting cigarettes go vaping worked like a charm for me desu, can't even stand people smoking around me now
I don't want to do it personally but you could try starting with high doses of nicotine and gradually decreasing it
a friend of mine started on 12mg and every month he'd go 1mg lower
when he reached 0mg he quit vaping too
many such cases

Nothing, my subhuman parents didn’t left anything for me. These are the same people that want me to cook for them on the weekends because I spice my food.

What is depressing about this meal? It is a whole (seemingly roasted) bird and creamy vegetables on the side. You even get all that crispy bird skin, the best part. I wouldn't eat this much at once, but it looks like a proper meal and nowhere near depression core. That would be more like a can of sardines with mustard and saltines as your day's meal.

I don't want to quit either. I was using 55mg salts. I considered dropping little by little, but I know some people quit cold turkey, and I don't want them mogging me. Times nicotine feels best:
1. Waking up.
2. Stopping to think.
3. Feeling something sad.
4. Between work or exercise.
5. After food.
6. After hot shower.
7. Relaxing before bed.

Bean stew

>55mg salts
jesus fucking christ
and you want to quit cold turkey from that?
they should build you a statue if you manage to do it

Thank you, sweet friend. Your words help. Please enjoy your juice for me.

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Sad my mom made me a whole chickemn and russian salad

It's good but my camera makes it look bad idk why

I luv stews I make really good mushroom stew

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I luv eastern European balkan and Levant food

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I ate macaroni with sausages and disgusting sauce I made (I put too much garlic). I hate my life

quitting smokes is easy
its the not starting again

just butter bread and a glass of fresh milk. butter and milk are expensive here
looks delicious

You ate a whole chicken? Are you an oligarch?

Looks good.
And the stuff I cook for myself doesn't look better, but it tastes good and is comparatively cheap.
>What did you have for lunch Any Forums
I'm going to make fish in the oven with boiled potatoes and green beans as side dishes. Additionally a joghurt dip.