Highest homicide rates for western nations ( per 100k people)

Highest homicide rates for western nations ( per 100k people)

1. U.S.A 6.3
2. New Zealand 2.6
3. Canada 2.0
4. Belgium 1.7
5. Finland 1.6
6. U.K. 1.3
7. France 1.2
8. Northern Ireland 1.2
9. Sweden 1.1
10. Denmark 1.1

Why is the usa so far above every devolped nation ?

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New Zealand isn't in the West it's in the south pacific ocean next to Samoa

why the fuck is ausfailia not pulling its weight

I more or less mean blue countries

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we have higher homicide rates than baltics now, makes you think. Tallinn use to be murder capital of europe in 90s

Actually I fucjed up the list. If Baltic are considered devolved nations than lithunia and Latvia are both in top 3 behind America

Why are we relatively so high? Is it because of the natives killing each other in their reserves?

native reserves are technically seperate nations from canada so they wouldnt be counted as statistics

the murder mostly comes from city murders, probably highest offenders is the gun crime in Toronto and the stabbings in Winnipeg. Vancouver can occasionally be violent, but usually it comes in waves and is quite targeted between the gangs

Vancouver has a really low homicide rate there shit is stuff like drug abuse and breaking and entering.

Worse offenders are small towns in the prairies and Northern Ontario with large native populations.
I.e Thompson, thunder bay, north battlefront etc

America is a Latinx country. All Latinx countries are automatically violent irredeemable shit-holes.

What happened?
It's not like you get Sweden-levels of immigration

Despite all the meme western Europe is much safer than here when it comes to shit like this. Canada has a high firearm assault rate for a devolvped nation it goes unnoticed since we're in the americas where it's mordor out here

Lots of uncontrolled guns, plus a tradition of people taking revenge into their own hands.

>New Zealand 2.6


I thought NZ was fucking safer than Japan.

Doesn't the USA have the largest percentage of people in prison as well?

Yeah. There are over 2 million people in jail or prison here.

Damn. But I shouldn't say anything. We probably need MORE people in prison here, too many scumbags are going free without proper punishment in Sweden.

Yup, that's mostly due to the fact that they can make money off that fact, it's best to have a full house in order to make the most money.

The problem is that after a certain point you get diminishing returns from locking up more people, and you wind up with a system that is both inhumane and inefficient for public safety.


And that's a good thing otherwise it would be south american tier