*gasps* edish

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kill yourself you fucking disgusting shitskin

If you subtract the top 3% wealthiest people in the USA and UK, both America and Britain are "second world" nations.

According to this report, the average Slovene will be wealthier than the average British person by 2024. Typical Polish households will be wealthier than average British ones by 2030.

Financial deregulation + diversity = destruction of the middle class.


I know everything about the post Normandy kings.
I am very ignorant about the Anglo Saxon kings.

King Alfred was the first who unified England, Harold Godwinson was the one who got BTFO by the frenchoids, and inbetween that you had a king whose name looked like cunt. That's all I know.

Can I get the highlights?


Erm lads he's going all out

the only actual entry requirement into the kingdom of heaven is that you have reproduced


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corr would love to spaff inside her

I give birth to food babies every day. Should be ok.

mental how i'm based

>lad at work asks me to buy a bottle of alcohol on my day off
>closest one is 30 minutes away
>on a train

would you do this?
feel like it's a pretty rude request desu

I wanna be with her so bad

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wish clogwog would fall over in the street and get decapitated by a passing cyclist

Can't believe they blackwashed Prince of Persia like that, casting that swarthy guy as an blond aryan character

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what? why is he asking you that?

bit my nails too much now they’re too short to lift the pull tab on this can of beans hahah

egg mayo sarnies for luncheon

coffeeberg bullying arsestein into pootoil

I’d suck Emma Watson’s shits.

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because it's closer to me than it is to him
I don't even like drinking though
I need to learn how to say no but I'm so petrified of being a social outcast again I haven't been able to do it yet
Feel like people exploit that

that's me out then aha

mumstein got these mini hotdogs that she says are called "little boys" so i asked why and she said it's because they look like little boys willies
when she serves oysters at christmas i'm going to call them "little girls" in front of the whole family to illuminate this blatant double standard of creepiness

*holds breath*
*stops moving*

everyone knows that the fall of rome was precipitated by transgenders

but I don't understand why he's asking you to buy alcohol on your day off. to drink together?

Some of the people who call Liverpool 'Self Pity City' are currently 11 hours into a 4 mile queue to see a box

wish we had a subculture as rich and cool as the italian americans