Asian girls are the cutest

Asian girls are the cutest
Black girls are the most energetic
Latina girls are the sexiest
White girls are the ...?

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The subhuman ones

Sorry white bros everything about your race is great aside from the women

... fuck dogs

Most good with animals.

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the best breeders

Seriously speaking, if a dog(let's say a German Shepherd) was offered the choice between a White, a Black and an Asian girl, would it really choose the White one?
I feel like the Black girl might smell the most breedable and therefore invoke primordial mammal instincts the most

>black girl
I'm amazed at what countries who don't have X race believe about X race.

>the best breeders
Uhm...user. White people are the fewest people on earth.

What about us browns?

Unironically the most fun. They're not as rude as black girls nor as stuck up as Asian girls.

White girls are so easy going and make you feel at ease.

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White people used to be 25% of the global population...but then the dogs got cocky

Well, you people always say that they're loud and crazy and seeing those videos is pretty convincing.

… canine’s choice.

>White girls are so easy going

White girls are hyper stuck up in liberal cities but not as much as asians I would say

Yeah...yeah I can go with that.

Olives and latinams are the same thing. Brown women are the most humbled

And at the same time they're lazy, walk very slowly, and are allergic to exercise.
Agree that white girls are easy to get along with

You people are all mentally ill. Seek help, I mean it. This is not a healthy way of thinking.

most likely to divorce rape you

Oh, my bad. Brown women are also sexy but aren't you people white, swarthy at most?

Post bosom mädchen

Literally the opposite experience for me. White women are stuck up while SEA-women are super friendly and fun

I'm a man and I'm a Turk.

Based Swedish poster who calls his Vietnamese wife Thai because it's all the same anyway