What people in your country think about white americans women?

what people in your country think about white americans women?

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You already know it


you are good because they fetishize italian men and see as exotic great lover stallions

there are at least two men in that image
second and fourth from the left, with the hairline and manly face.

Imagine the smell

it is side effects of roids. roids are so common in usa.

these are all drugged women with a higher mental illness and instability level than the average one they will not be good wifes nor mothers

roid clits are kind of my fetish though

how is yours? german, french, italian explain all of them pls sir.

that face lmao

i'm subscribed on her social media only to this one because she has a brown Mexican husband.

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mucho sexo

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lmao that hairline wtf
testo is a hell of a drug

i would let all of them, except purple top, buck break me, teebeeaych

well, why don't you post your 10/10 women then

maybe effect of roids but big forehead area common in white americans

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Why is there Kevin De Bruyne on the right ?

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>unironically watching soccer

Nah she looks far manlier than him