Two of my irl friends of Balkan origin actually, non-jokingly...

Two of my irl friends of Balkan origin actually, non-jokingly, unironically love and respect Andrew Tate (and when I told them he sucks money from people through a pyramid scheme one of them he laughingly said "I respect him even more now", but again, he was not really joking).
Same thing with honour killing of the woman in case of adultery (I was baffled and asked the other for his opinion, he didn't know the term but when I explained it to him he said he also agreed).
The thing is that they are not incels, in fact the exact opposite, they get bitches to no end and at the same time they think they're inferior to men and deep down they're all whores and the world favours them and is stacked against the men. Also they seem to value money and bling over everything else to a degree that feels alien to me.
Weirdly enough another friend of the same descent who's more of the incel type is the only one who's not like that.
In any case I think it's cool and positively surprising they all accept me even though they know I'm gay and we talk and joke about it all the time.

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turkish influence

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On Dinarics:
>they are tall, dim witted, and always ready for a white
--some brownoid from your country 2000 years ago

Sounds like they recognize and know the ugly truths and ways of the public world, and moreover, embrace it instead of denying its blemishes and bitterness in favor of alternatives.

I feel about Andrew Tate as a male equivalent of Belle Delphine.
On one hand, they disgust me, because they made a fortune by scamming people and being an overall obnoxious parasite. On the other hand, the people that allowed themselves to be scammed like that very much deserve to be scammed, so in some twisted way Tate and Delphine are doing a good job.
>The thing is that they are not incels, in fact the exact opposite, they get bitches to no end and at the same time they think they're inferior to men
Yes, nice guys are the actual incels, and sexists have sex. Did feminists and their soyboy mouthpieces convinced you the opposite is true? Watch less TV, buddy.

>In any case I think it's cool and positively surprising they all accept me even though they know I'm gay
If they consider women to be inferior to men, why would they not tolerate a gay man? A better question is why wouldn't you consider women to be inferior?

>always ready for a white
white what? dick?

Men geting women have nothing to do with respecting them, it's about looks and confidence. The meme about misogonists being incels is only True for betas who spend all their time on Any Forums (me included).
The dudes I know who get the most amount of women are ironically thug immigrants and right wing (although not in a beta way) white guys.

balkanshiters arent know to be smart else they wouldnt be a shithole

>right wing (although not in a beta way) white guys.


Of course they fucking respect Andrew Tate. He's an extremely successful self-made man. Any self-respecting man would respect him and even look up to him.
If you hate or even dislike someone like him, it says a lot about the kind of person YOU are. It shows that you believe that success is a bad thing and something to be frowned upon.

Andrew already said it. There are only three reasons people are ever poor:

1- Lazy
You don't want to do shit. Too comfortable, would rather play videogames, etc and stick to your excuses ("I'm sure it's a scam anyway", etc)
You think you're smarter and know more about wealth creation than someone WITH A SELF-MADE NET WORTH OVER 100MM.
3- Stupid
Most people aren't too stupid to get rich. Like, you have to be mentally disabled.

>pyramid scheme
Educational program. With thousands of testimonials backing it up.
Yet another bullshit lie people tell themselves to cope.

Andrew Tate is one of the best role models for success any man can aspire to, and he's done more for men than any one of you ever will.
He's taught extreme work ethic and a path to financial independence to hundreds of thousands of people. What have YOU done?

I would be likely to believe Andrew Tate, but I know his tac tics are to sprinkle some undeniable truths somewhere close to his absurd claims.
He spouts his thoughts on women( and some other issues) to a degree I think is way too blatant and taunting that line of what's acceptable, and what is pure misogyny.

you can hop off his cock now paco

He's right though. Tate may be unbearably arrogant but he's also an undeniably successful guy who came from nothing

What color is your Bugatti?

Why are u a homo? Denounce your gay ways and find Christ

My parents send me videos of Andrew Tate to this day. My mum didn't even know who he was but she said he was "right about transgenders" from a clip she showed me.

I respect him for his martial arts career and his camwhore business success but being an influencer is not manly at all. It's a very feminine thing, it is just whoring yourself out online and selling your lifestyle as desirable and letting your fans indulge in power fantasies without having any real power. And scamming idiots with get rich quick schemes isn't a great measure of success. The biggest model of success a man can aspire to is founding a city, leading an army to victory, inventing something. It's about building/founding something that projects your power for future generations. Being a shady merchant with no morals is pretty cringe. Just think how would he be viewed by successful people in history like those who founded empires and conquered cities.

What color is your bugatti?

I don't care about the cringe PUA e-celeb but if you let a woman cheat on you unpunished you are 100% a cuck.

>defending some e-celeb retard
>for free

Why do Euros love him so much? In the US people consider his followers to be incels

he's not in the public sphere of discussion, at least here

see dumb brokie

He runs many businesses at a time (casinos and who knows what else) and his "influencer" career was just marketing for his educational program.
There's nothing wrong or "feminine" about building a strong personal brand. All of the most successful people in the planet, presidents, etc get there by doing exactly that.
>And scamming idiots with get rich quick schemes
Worthless hearsay. HU2.0 is an educational program with real-world experts that teach true-and-tried methods and allows you to network with people with similar goals & people who are already there.
There are thousands of people posting their success stories both inside and outside the program every month. It works and you're missing out.

OP here, I know it might sound absurd to you but I don't care about money (as long as I get to have the bare basics), much less about bling or real estate, etc. Andrew Tate is just amusing to me, he looks and sounds ridiculous. I care much more about the unquantifiable, like the most profound philosophical and spiritual insights and meaningful experiences. Amusing and sad at the same time.
>undeniably successful guy
I hate this "successful" American way of speaking. Successful in what? It's pretty much meaningless to me.
>haha you're just jealous lol
Yeah I'm really not. Maybe I would be if he were hot, but he's ugly as fuck, and incredibly empty inside, so I can't be.
It's a very complex question, but from the scientific literature homosexuality appears to be epigenetic and linked to the uterine environment during pregnancy. "Accepting Christ" does not appear in any way to have a part in the equation.
Bugattis are ugly anyway. They have an original and interesting style, I'll give you that, but they're ugly. If you're gonna buy a luxury car at least buy a beautiful one, be it sporty such as a Ferrari or elegant such as Maserati.
Maybe, but why does killing have to be the punishment.
It's sad, isn't it
Webm related. This American gift to us is currently the Western straight young man's most prominent public role model.

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you're a pole, so you'll forever be poor and bugatti-less.

He's also an ex-kickboxer

I repeat, what color is YOUR bugatti?

how much do you get paid for that?

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Horn-y Italian well Roman from Latium invented the thing about just killing adulteress and adulterer when caught in the act.
The Metallica hand symbol with small and pointing finger like hornes was made back then to ridicule the husband who was being cuckolded behind his back by his woman.
Also it's somewhere in Leviticus as a rule and one of the commendements.

>inb4 that's backwards barbarism tralalala
It's the cornerstone of civilized society and keeping bitches in line.
When she knows the nuclear punishment she will get she will think twice before doing something stupid.
Same goes for the Casanova larger.
And when you make it known she will love you more and your family life will be easier.
Don't know much about the rounded clown, but he is mentioned in every place of the normiesphere and internet.

>wo of my irl friends of Balkan origin actually