Do peoples like dogs in your country?

do peoples like dogs in your country?

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what the fuck is it with turks and pakis
what's the story

Having a pet is frowned upon by the community nowadays

Dogs don't belong inside.

They're both Arabs

masshallah save the ummah

Dogs belong inside, Romanians don't.

It seems like a large number of the rescued dogs across Europe come from Romania. Your dirty gypsy shithole needs to be wiped out if you refuse to start treating animals better

R8 my lab

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looks like a nice dog
but i bet he slobbers like a bitch

i hate that so much about big dogs

masallah nice dog but sir dogs are not allowed in home we are ummah please act islamic

Same as Israelis and Indians. Eternally one-sided dicksucking.

Yeah people like dogs here


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so you niggas like muslims now?

>muslims simp for arabs
>others simp for israel
>this means we are not suckers

We aren't a monolith. India is more diverse than western Europe. It's like saying Romanians are same as British

>Missing the point
Must be the Paki genes from your dad

I hope for a lot more recurrences of this.

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>It's like saying Romanians are same as British
damn ok dude
sorry I offended you that badly

>implying muzzies simp for israel
>implying hindus would support muzzies

its one sided as he said