Which country would you rather live in?

Which country would you rather live in?

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I'd rather kill myself

Vietnam, I might move there actually.

t. Vietnamese wife



fair skin vietnamese are very cute

poor, dirty, ugly language, inferior culture, ugly people (lebanon is an exception to all but I couldn't live in a muslim country)


Get raped by a jap

My wife is fair, but I don't really care about skin colour when it comes to women, dark skinned Thais and Indian women can be very attractive


rest are dangerous failed states, botswana and south africa would be fine as rich white guy in gated community. Indonesia and vietnam are also grim if you poor. Bolivia seems to have drug cartels and you might disappear one day.

The capital city looks a bit like a dump honestly, Indonesia Jakarta looks better.

Hanoi is alright, it's cozy. Saigon is the largest city and economical center though, the capital is not.

Vietnam. I'm obsessed with this cunt.

I think Jakarta is the best place to live if it didn’t constantly have flooding/erosion problems.
The city honestly looks pretty good, and there isn’t a lot of crime, outside the capital it probably isn’t good though.
Ah alright

Chill tropical island in the pacific

Guyana, it will be the Singapore of South America.

why you think jakarta would be better than samoa?

Ok, it’s one of the safer ones, the Solomon island is a weird one.

They're basically Aussies anyway. I'd just live in Pretoria or Bloemfontaine so I'd be safe from being lynched.

Vietnam, some Colombian friend of mine went there, told the locals he was american with his broken accent and fucked a lot of delicious brown asian pussy
I want to pull that out too

Come here and be my sugar daddy, i rove you rong time

they will fuck it up and turn to venezuela

They have good oil though, the light natural crude oil, hard crude oil is pretty worthless, that’s why Venezuela was still piss poor even before communism.


okay america and foreign oil corporations will fuck them over if corrupted politicians wont do it


More developed, more money, that’s about it, the life expectancy is higher in Samoa though.

samoa is safer and comfier

Probably, the country is small, and the people there aren’t wannabe gangers

how did you meet your wife

and thats why i would pic samoa over bigger countries with more problems.

all northern swedes have south east asian wife, they import them

how do they meet them

I'm a southern swede, but yes I met her online on a dating site.

Either while in Thailand or on dating sites, I'd wager.