Uh based?

uh based?

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What's mullahs?

this is what happens when you move to america

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Reminder all muzzdog bbcposters are actually just projecting over the fact that their women love black cock

Someone post the quaran quote.

imagine one of your friends, family members or colleagues posting something like this

what would be the problem?

American post

A coworker of mine was a genuine BBC fiend. She would tell stuff (without being asked) about going home with 3 guys after a night out to "have her torn apart" or that one time she fucked the biggest guy on the South-African rugby team.

don't be jealous that america has more BBC than Mexico, Juan

to be fair her family probably went ike "slayyyy queen *nailpolishemoji*"

how do women like that even get married?
or is she still single in her 30s?

Can cisgender iranian user confirm this???

American post

She's a fat fucking hambeast in her late 20s. She's not getting married

makes sense...
only blacks and browns are desperate to fuck white fat women

I think she was baiting for responses so she could raise hell about racism.

Literally this meme.

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Women need to be recalled, what an absolute subhuman gender.

All women love BBC

the fact that this is a real instagram bio is hillarious

Zhang's razor.

She speaks the truth

Iran NEEDS more BBC if they want to survive this decade