Attention to thirdies

when you see indian flag, defend him
when you see brazilian flag, defend him
when you see philippin flag, defend him
when you see turkish flag, defend him
when you see mexican flag, defend him

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I literally hate Indians, Turks, Brazilians and Mexicans. Only Philipinos are chill.


England is thirdie now so you have to be nice to us too

you will never be thirdie


i refuse

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we literally live in an impoverished dictatorship that worships its monarchy
name ONE country that’s more thirdie than us

Brazilians and Philippines are distant cousins so I'm ok with defending them
I appreciate indian men for their YouTube tutorials of obsolete technology and electronics
Turks ... dunno nothing about them lol

That's so nice of you, turkchud. I would have never expected this from you.

all non-Indians are subhuman

aren't Turks firsties?

sorry i dont like muslims

Thank you, mexican user.

Welcome to the Thirdie club

op is a paki/kurd/syrian. we are european not thirdie.

Yeah nah

The Holy Trinity of brown people

Ok, some exception though
The mexican cuck white supremacist
The brazilian proxy hopper

I only defend Asians and Hispanic Americans.

Rent free

Get a job doomentio

I'm whiter than almost anyone here except for maybe a few swedish niggas and you're annoying as fuck paco

Rent free