But my King MBS, this "Coachella Saudi 2030" plan of yours is haram and unislam-ACK

but my King MBS, this "Coachella Saudi 2030" plan of yours is haram and unislam-ACK

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dumbest dictator to exist

Neo Demonic king Salman is a jew puppet. A rebellious child tryhards getting the wectoid acknowledgement.

>inherit one of the last anti-feminist country on Earth
>destroy it by rapid westsernization
for what purpose?

>jails imams for being too Islamic
>jails activists for being secular
What is the MBS endgame
it makes no sense

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BTFOing clerics and activists is BASED BEYOND BELIEF
Fuck ideologues
Make Cash speak

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MBS keeps addressing relatively minor issues like bikinis and music clubs and forgets that Saudi Arabia doesn't have a fucking PARLIAMENT.


what if UK was called Windsor Britannica like Saudi Arabia lol

Introduce a parliament and before the sun goes down, the US embassy will have imported 20 new social degenerative elements.

This, the same reason that the UK Crown has stepped out of politics altogether. It's all about power. The commoners can molest children and eat butt, as long as the Crown gets its due.

Very based

Might sound like I'm contradicting myself, but if the UK didn't have Cromwell, they would rule with an iron fist as well. Now they can still maintain their power while relinquishing social control. However, social control is always the preferrable options for rulers, after financial control.

Coachella Saudi 2030, The Line, Newcastle United, the list goes on...

bros what would u do if you were rich saudi princess?

run away and marry the german incel that wrote this post

Controlled and stable secularization

obviously force wh*Te kafir men to kiss my feet

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Be so decadent and unholy that I launch a 2nd Arab Spring.

wait... i meant prince.

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If I was king I'd do the same shit. Find a random fucker and jail him 50 years for jaywalking. He'd probably kill himself in prison and his family will be sad and extremely distressed. People would think twice about jaywalking, and others will jaywalk anyways but face no punishment, just that 1 guy. Meanwhile somebody would commit murder and get just 30 years.

How much did he get paid?