What happened to Chinese girls moved to Australia to study?

What happened to Chinese girls moved to Australia to study?

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Just chink.

One single dosis of BWC changes the Asian woman forever.

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There is something I find utterly revolting about Asians dying their hair blonde. An act in sheer defiance to their kin and bloodline. An act of self-hatred so great it could only be performed by a scarred person with grotesque mental problems.
perhaps western media supremacy isn't a good thing either. I went to Morocco and Thailand this year alone with some friends and all commercials feature blonde women. Billboards? blonde.
There is something disgusting about the fetishization and idealisation of my people by thirdoids.

At least a whitoid woman dying their hair blonde is just coping. But for anyone else there is a depressing mixture of betrayal and trauma behind it

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100% Hong Kong Taipei liberal.

Cope, the White World Order prevails

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Even weirder is when they only dye half their heads blonde.

You brown shits cant even deny that whites are your superior in every single way. You want to be us

that's just sad

I am white. I literally have blue eyed and blonde hair dumbass
doesn't change the fact that the entire world having an inferiority complex over Europeans is not healthy for international developments


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more like Black, Asian and Brown men are all incel-tier when it comes to desiring white women

She looks like she's 2nd gen Chinese
Idk if Chinese students who come here look like that
Honestly idk what they're like here otherwise, I only know Australian born Chinese and those in their 60s+

Why stop there? Why not try to meme being germanobelgian again, streetshitter?

>Brown, Asian Black males

Who cares avout them?

She looks 100 times better in the right pic. Only an absolute hopeless incel would complain about her transformation

we've had this conversation like 20 times already. Take your fucking meds schizoid

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Just chink wanted the wectoid acknowledgement. Nothing new.

She's Korean

Can't never take those looks seriously. Villainous slanted eyes