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Post your shitty watches and yes I am wristcel

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IP banned from posting
I have a Seiko 5 SNXJ92 aka fake Rolex.
That's a nice watch btw. Seiko just released some new Seiko 5 watches which interest me but some are €500 new which is too much.

Don't call my watch shitty though.

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this for 140 yuros, but I hardly wear it

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I am a Digimon Tamer.

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Apple Watch 7

Wow how cool here's mine *picture of hamplanet Korean kid arm wearing Rolex submariner*

This as my weekender watch but I usually wear an Apple Watch at work.

Based choices.

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I use the clock on my phone

kek i have a fake 91w

>fake of a $20 watch
Kek why?

Bought one in 2016 or so, came across it just this week while digging inside a drawer and it was still perfectly on time.

Nice. I wear my two tone watch to work but I do begin to consider getting something less gaudy.
Why wouldn't you wear your omega to work though? Most normies won't know its value and I think it fits perfectly fine in most business settings. It's not exactly some Role Submariner which people can tell from miles away.

Not a faggot

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Dive watches don't look very good with dress shirts and suits, it's too bulky. That and I don't want to be constantly looking at my phone every time I get a text or notification or something.

Based. I considered this one but wondered it it looked to tacky or speed racer.

>Dive watches don't look very good with dress shirts and suits, it's too bulky.
Agreed, exception being when you're a big guy. At that point they're the only ones looking good on you in general.

Check out the new Seiko 5 GMT jubilee. They released an orange watch you can wear along your Omega at times without it costing the equivalent of a good second hand car.

Looks comfy, I might one at some point.

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Mine has a similar design, like a 1930s' pilot watch. I had to replace the armband, it came with a leather band that broke over time.

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That looks nice.

>tfw poorfag wristlet

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Just 40€, probably 50 now with the inflation going on. I really liked the design my grandfather's watch had. (He was an electronics engineer with the Luftwaffe during WW2.) It's just got a quartz clockwork, but that's OK, it's pretty precise.

Not him but real one cost like 5000 rup ees while fake one is like 20 rupees.

>how to scream attention whore the pic

Yeah, I searched it and was surprised at the price. My grandfather sailed in Sicily during WW2. The aluminum design reminds me of him. I might order one soon. Thank you.

A few Casios, a few Orients, a few Chinese Clones. All in all I´m pretty happy and didn't spend a fortune.
My daily is actually a 30 bucks radio controlled I bought at the supermarket a year ago.I just cannot bother

>$100AUD for an F91W
Good lord man, what the fuck. I could buy one here and send it to you and it would still cost me only half that.

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A word of warning: The markers at 12, 3, 6, 9 are painted as if they'd flouresce in the dark, but they don't. I can see just the two hands glow green in the dark. It's a bit annoying, but I got used to it.


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Nice. I like having the knowledge about watches but steered clear of buying anything other than the brands you mentioned as well. Might be interesting if you're loaded but man those people on Reddit spending a year worth of savings on a fucking watch should get their priorities straight especially when Seiko & friends make such nice and good working stuff for cheaps.

I rarely wear my watch anymore. It needs work, but I like the design.

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It's the price we pay for being borned in a thirdie shithole. Everything that's imported costs too much, we suffer.