Finland had the Midas touch and we fumbled it

Finland had the Midas touch and we fumbled it

does catastrophic failures like this happen in your country?

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>does catastrophic failures like this happen in your country?

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Idgi. Is it because you wouldn't be able to close it all the way?

Shit I meant open

Does boiling in an electric kettle kill virusus and amoebas in the water?

Jesus. Not even a check valve in there

Yes. But depending on what's in there it'll still taste funny. When I was on a backpacking trip in Anza Borrego, I ran out of water once and had to pull from a scummy runoff ditch. Boiling it made it safe to drink but it still tastes like mold and dirt

What happened?

We are just over avereage inteligence people living in a northern forest of western

when you visit nokia dont drink tapwater haha

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Beautiful hills

my first phone was a nokia 3310 in blue. always loved to play snake on it.

>electric kettle
Maybe? I think you need to boil it for a few minutes, not just bring it to boil and turn off

Yes it gets rid of G*rms

Nokia was an electronics manufacturer, not a software developer. So when smartphones became a thing phones weren't just electronics anymore but software and Nokia didn't have a software department and couldn't just put one up in an instant.

Oh yes

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>avereage inteligence
On global scale yes, but on western scale we are average.

Olivetti in 1965 presents in New York the first desktop computer

Was still a thing in my childhood.

Blackberry was marketed as the "business mans phone" at some point here but I guess Apple has stolen that branding now

I own a modern mämmiphone.

Ask me anything.

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Do you get laughed at by girls with iPhones?

Yes it was once quite famous for its calculators after IBM and HP monopolized the computer market

>finland could have its own fucking iphone but they entered a partnership with microsoft (common mistake)

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No it's very stylish. It also featured in a James Bond movie.

Where did you get it? Amazon?

No su uno di quei siti di cellulari rigenerati, l'ho comprato a metà prezzo.

yeah it was the same here lol

its amazing how they blew it