Tfw no french gf

>tfw no french gf

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Imagine her hugging you and tell you everything is gonna be alright

because you're not black

>tfw no Arielle Maxine gf

Spanish women are more attainable

>french girl
shes brown

Easy french school object or something like that


they only want english bfs

most "white" people are

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this is how I imagine all french people look

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Please stop posting my girlfriend

And you're not wrong. Most of them have kike noses and very small skulls, sometimes as small as Nafris do.

need french gf

>i'm so british i shit the queen

No no no she is mine

there is an even worse feel than that one
>tfw no catalan gf

middle eastern ancestry
western europe is untermenschen

Just be a foreigner. Its as simple as that.

user, half the people in your country are foreigners.

dont you have to have a certain percentage of melanin?