cat on the bog edition

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haha what a funny post

whats your thoughts on AI art diegs?

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Think they need to start up a queue to join the queue proper.


whatever happened to the hebby habb man


all lit up pink for our olivia

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boyfriend's come home drunk and keeps talking about the russian military and saying the dogs at the pet store taste good

I expect every single one to be a subtle meme even when they aren't

Day 4 in the queue lads, supplies running low, exposed to the elements. Wee Margo from Shrewsbury ventured off to get water more than 14 hours ago and I fear she'll never be back. Darkies are picking us off at night

Not sure how long I can continue to go on...

I dont think Jesus would hire a cleaner
He probably would t be a voluntary millionaire either
He definitely wouldnt be a landlord

Do you see what im getting at

dunno where you are
depends how close they are probably not worth coming out for just an hour for instance if they are far away
why dont you think jesus would hire a cleaner?
jesus already had all the wealth of the kingdom he did not need to concern himself with material wealth we are not all as fortunate as that
having said that obviously jesus sees wealth as an obstacle albeit far from an insurmountable one to the entering into the kingdom
why would he not be a landlord?


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oh my god, what's a girl doing at /brit/?

half nine video call
then a half ten video call
then freedom hopefully

You preach the lord but really you are a jew setting up market in the temple


i assume this picture is an example of it? if so that meme of "soulless" for once is accurate

wash your feet for jesus and clean your gaff


someone post some really beautiful art and then claim it's AI made to catch diego out

>working 3pm till 1am tonight
At what point does being a wageslave get better?

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roo steak and a bit of salad for tea x

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how do you imagine that?
humans can make terrible (inhuman) art as well
to catch me out you gota get me approving of something that was done by an ai

ohh so you're one of those

Pint of Alpha, Greece

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when you go to morning shift


: Has she read the Bibel
"i did religious studies and philosophy at university"
wtf i love littlebunny now
what does that mean

the lads

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nowhere near as cruel as industrial cattle farming is it

*mum walks into /brit/*

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stuck in the desert temple in minecraft again

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both killing innocent animals
both are cruel





what kind of job does a 3-1am shift? Fast food?

might play some assassins creed origins


statistically most herbivorous land mammals meat their deaths at the hands of predatory animals, a bullet in the head is much kinder than being eaten alive

fast pood

u excxited for the future of ass creed INFINITY
A freak like me Just needs infinity

if the bible was written today jesus would’ve added a part that said you have to be a vegan
eating flesh is evil

Morning lads how we doing? Easy day at work for me just a bit of report writing

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just read about it then
sounds silly

link to those statistics?

dunno why they make so much of this shit so confusing even to us "involved" fuck knows how you mewant to enter the space as an outsider

preferred when angela white was just the nerdy qt softcore shoots with milena velba, not the turbo whore taking multiple cocks in every hole she is now

alri lads?

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speaking of that
>fat vegetarian

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*enters /brit/*

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it’s literally just a launcher for asscreed games

hot in here pal

lmao wtf

vegetarians are all fat because they eat less protein and more carbs


Absolutely howlin' at the thought of fat people getting in and out of cars.

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miss when he was like this, before all the pseudo intellectual bullshit

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i thought they were all emaciated husks?

Absolutely howlin' at the thought of fat people*

tbf fat people trying to do just about anything is hilarious

for me, i went off her when i saw her fuck a tranny
same with riley reid in that regard

vegans are probably because they dont even consume dairy which is very fatty

i can sense the calm before the storm. you feel it too, don't you?

born pink

corrrr phwoarrrrrrr

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>diego howling at himself
visualise it lads

there's a storm brewing in my bowels that's for sure

going to watch THE BATMAN (2022) tonight
it’s 3 hours long, mental

just walked down the stairs

what psuedo intellectual bullshit?

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'Backy' by Kate Boxer, contemporary UK painter and printmaker

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brits be like

mental how women who do shit like this unironically don't know they're whores

EWWWWww Stinky bum Emma Watson!

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why do all posh birds look like this?

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love watching my 600 lb life and seeing them struggle with this

celebrating the natural human body isn’t being a whore

sucking something warm, strong and black while lying in bed

Diego doesn't like to post images, why's that?

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looks like kermit the frog

it quite literally is

the missus, as it were

norman genetics

not bad

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that ironically sounds more like how you would say it