What did she mean by this ?

What did she mean by this ?

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this is why white guys always get the ugliest Asian girls. Asian girls considered attractive by their own dont even have non Asian friends

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She means that on Canada she is attractive to white boys and vice versa

I'm pretty sure it's Asian women rejecting Asian men and not the other way around d

that face is 6 max

white men are desperate

Ricel detected

Holy fuck she looks like a monkey, what's wrong with that white dude

Holy shit she's dark for a Chinese
>Light makeup

i am actually latinx, chango. nice try, though.

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She's a talented director and their relationship likely isn't based on looks, I dunno THOUGH

Same shit different toilet paco

Being a chicano must be literal hell, WMLF is literally the most common interracial pairing.

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From statistics Canada the most common mixed marriages here are

105,668 white man + Asian women( east and sea)

60,759 Asian man ( east and sea)+ white women

40,308 black man+white female

29,220 Latin American female+ white man

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You'd think, but I know a Vietnamese girl that studies in Korea. She's very attractive, but she has a hard time finding a boyfriend since she's one microstep shade darker than other people in Vietnam, and of course Korea. She'd be hot stuff here, but she can't even find ONE boyfriend there.

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Maybe im just white but she is really cute

imagine the size of their egos

>mother is from france and dad is from mexico
sounds like she's got good taste, deshita. pretty based imo. why are anglos so sensitive?

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...does that leave Latin American male + black female?

Same, I'd rate her an 8 maybe

I feel like every mixed couple here is just wmaf or bmwf. Surprised amwf is so high I know we have lots of Asians but I never see this pairing ever. Also the fact that white and Latina is more common than any form of white +indian is honestly docking considering the difference in population size

Based pocho father improving his genepool

Black women are made for BBC (Buck Breaker Cock)

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>BBC (Buck Breaker Cock)
sure, but at least post the original

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>Also the fact that white and Latina is more common than any form of white +indian is honestly docking considering the difference in population size

A lot of Latinas here look like Pic, so you probably don't even notice

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That's a 6 in China? She's better looking than that.

East Asian countries have fucjed up beauty standards. They basically want women to look like little girls. The fact his girl has big breasts and healthy skintone makes her desirable in the west but undesirable in asia

the term white boy is really insulting, i am a man not a boy

You need to go through a brown girl mating ritual to become a white man, white boy.

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