Roids are worth it

>Roids are worth it

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Lmao that nigga looks 55

i'm 23 and i literally look like a teenager when i shave
maybe it's because i don't take drugs

it's been wild watching Pete Rubish come off gear and go from looking 40 in his mid 20s to looking pretty young for his age now

I'm 26 she can't even grow facial hair at all. People think I'm late teens or early 20s often

This is what 22 year olds looked like before estrogen in the water supply

Zoomers are literally homonculli made out of hormones and steroids and will die at the age of 30

It's crazy how much younger you look with less intra-cranial fluid retention

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God i wish he were my bf

I'm trying to dechemicalize myself because I feel a heart attack coming.

people started noticing that young people in old photos look older than young people today and i think its bc theyre healthier
they look robust, not old necessarily

can someone post a picture of the american woman's soccer team vs some south american team?

All the south americans are smaller but look so much older while the americans are huge but look like teens

I used to think until few weeks ago this was me (I'm 22) but younger people were saying they could tell just by looking at my shaved face I'm older than 20 and now I finally see it for myself in the mirror
I have a massive Peter Pan syndrome because I'm a manchild and want to end myself now

I'm 20 and look old. I'm suffering as a TVRK.

Better to look older than you are rather than younger, if you're a man. Women prefer older guys.

Pure cope

This is retarded. Everyone who is old wishes to look younger than what they really are only kids wish to look older for alcohol or cigarettes.

And why would I care about the preferences of women

there is literally no downside to roids if dosed correctly
especially considering the insane amount of xenoestrogens in everything

But it's true, the vast majority of women prefer older looking guys.
Only guys who are stuck in the same mindset of their childhood wants to look younger (plus women and twinks). Maybe not grandpa old, but most men have no issue with it and even want to look older.

Same here lad

Go and tell that to someone balding or who has wrinkles. No one wants to look old.

Extremely based
Unfathomably redpilled

Physically imposing men's are the only important opinions.

>there is literally no downside to roids if dosed correctly
Yeah, besides fucking up your hormonal homeostasis and having to pin Test for entire life.

This is how women cope because they look 40 by the age of 25.