What phone do you have

I have the Samsung s20 fe.

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S22 Ultra.

Samsung Galaxy S3.

Is it worth it, is the s pen good?

Pixel 6 pro
Samsung fell off 10 years ago

Huawei Mate 20 X 5G since 3 years. I don't want to change this giga chad

Xiaomi note 10 pro blue ice

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Motorola V300

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I have an iphone 13

used to have the huawei mate 10 pro before switching to an iPhone 12 pro and I miss the huawei so much.

Virtually unlimited battery life, beautiful screen, everything worked amazingly well. I can't wait to switch back to chinkshit


apple objectively makes the best products i pity you all

Good goy

S22 Ultra is better than the iPhone 13 Pro in every way you stupid conformist faggot.

I make 300k so it's worth it to me. S-pen is awesome for taking notes in meetings.

iPhone 13 Pro (256Gb, white)

s20 ultra
been going super for 3 years and gonna get a new one when s23 drops because scamsung is finally giving up on its exynos crap chips

iPhone SE. I miss my iPhone 5c because it was cuter and, therefore, better.

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iPhone 11 Pro Max because i'm not an incel

>exynos crap chips
It depends on where you live, my s20 fe has a snapdragon 860
I would have paid for a note phone but samsung doesn't make them anymore lmao, and I can't be bothered buying a renewed phone.

Huawei Y5 2018

Yeah I agree. Before that I was always going with Xperia but I wanted to change and I'm really satisfied with it, the 7,2" screen is really comfy and it's quite solid. In the same time period I changed 3 times my company iPhone

I have an ipad Pro mate, I just bought a Samsung s20fe phone so I can still pirate movies and obscure chinese anime.

Xiaomi M10
Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G

samsung galaxy a32

I had multiple Sony Xperias as well. Most disappointing phone line I've ever owned unfortunately. I wanted them to work but they never were as good as the other android phones I've owned.

I had a Z5 and another I don't remember now, possibly something like Z5+. I remember hearing very good things about the Z3.

iPhone 13 Pro Max

Samsung galaxy A5 (2017)

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Same but BLACK

S22 Ultra is already using Snapdragon, chingu.

Samsung S7 Edge because I see no point in changing my phone since whatsapp still works. What do I need a new phone for?

Westernboo likes to be put in a cage by FAGMAN. Samsung is unironically superior in every way.

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