Russia makes knock off shitty version of HATO called CSTO for its 'ruskiy mir' sphere of influence

>russia makes knock off shitty version of HATO called CSTO for its 'ruskiy mir' sphere of influence
>refuses to protect CSTO members when they ask for help
>CSTO members are currently shelling each other in border clashes

monke moment

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As soon as king monke dies or is overthrown the whole monkesphere will collapse into brutal civil war. Screencap this

>resufed to join


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Based Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan. I know the others can't leave because they have China as neighbors.

historically, russia collapses after humiliating military defeats, and we might be watching another collapse unfold in slow motion

pretty amazing time to be alive desu

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Deapite syria sending troops to support monke they aren't a part of this "alliance", it's truly funny to see how worthless and humiliated the dictator fag that's running syria is in the eyes of his monke allies

To play devil’s advocate that happens in NATO too
Greece and Turkey have clashed over territory plenty and hated each other with the force of a thousand suns during the Cold War very similarly to Pakistan and India, yet both are in NATO

What about WW2?

What chance does putin realistically have now bros? Seems like he's completely fucked now with nowhere left to turn amd he just has to accept total defeat.

2 more weeks. Just 2 more weeks until russia finally collapses for real, westsisters. Trust the plan.

it's just an improvisation to maintain some kind of control, the shit was collapsing and they were not thinking when they signed an agreement with russia of all places

The survival of his regime is most likely going to be dictated by exactly how quickly he can build a large pipeline going through Mongolia to supply China with gas like he formerly used to do with Europe
Either way though the military situation is screwed and it’ll be interesting to see how Russians react after yet another large scale loss of hope after they lose

I'm pretty sure the last armed conflict between the two was at least a decade before the formation of NATO.

there is a massive cope right now. Things are gonna get interesting once the war is over

nobody said weeks my low IQ gasoline fume huffing aboriginal friend, but over the next decade it's a distinct possibility

He will just continue sending minorities down the meat grinder while Russians cheer for him. They're never gonna question his authority because that's just not what Russians do

I don't think it will depend on those gas pipelines, more about controlling the narrative and squashing any internal challenges to his power.
If it does depend on gas pipeline construction, this would be very troublesome.

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>Greece and Turkey have clashed over territory

this never happened, retard. we fought against cypriots. why do u faggots keep talking about things u have no clue about?

csto joined kyrgyzstan and tajikistan without fixing their borders, now we are shooting each other near borders right at this moment

pipelines take years to build and the new pipeline to China hasn't even started construction so far (it's scheduled for next year iirc)
Russia's going to be in a tough spot when the oil prices drop and they will have lost 80% of their natural gas export market with no one else to sell to

Being honest, i don't know which outcome would be better

If we win - then i think that country will be much more totalitarian shit fucking hole with imperial ambitions
If we lose - then 100% i will be mobilized and die


I don't think there wil be conscription. I think most of those who have not already signed up would rather march on Moscow than Kiev is given a rifle.

Civil war of who with who, mr. delusional?

local warlords


mongols vs slavs

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our peoples are passive, completely ignorant and fucking inert

so they will do what the Tovarisch Captain tells them